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Future IDs at Alcatraz Community Programs

It used to be you couldn’t hang out with other people who’d been incarcerated. That would have been an instant violation. But who can support you if they don’t have that experience? A lot of reframing among correction authorities is realizing that. That community brings personal support and inspires; it shows that a second chance is possible.            

– Kirn Kim, core project collaborator

Future IDs was designed as a platform for conversation to shift thinking about rehabilitation, reentry, and reintegration.

The platform invites others to come in and use it in a way that forwards the things they care about; programs are curated based on shared intentions and desires around reframing the narrative of reentry. It’s a social-physical device: a process for softening boundaries and mutual learning where transformation can occur.

The exhibition, the series of public programs, and the network of community partnerships all work together to create a context for conversation around this complexity of second chances, criminal justice reform, self-determined identity, personal transformation and aspiration.